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After-sales Service

Provide customers with high-quality products and perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service is in electrical service goals; Meet the needs of the customers is one of the important contents of enterprise marketing work. Company to “create” the famous brand, to industry, in line with “market-oriented, powered by technology” principle. To the general new old customers and people from all walks of life of the used to support the enterprise the following service commitment:

A, pre-sale service

1, the company to users in detail information and quality of all products of the company.

2, to provide users with product technology lectures, including product use and maintenance, assembly, product use technical problems, such as the features, users need to provide services, the company will send the best engineering and technical personnel to customer service and technical seminars.

3, the company set up service hotline to answer various questions relating to the products with problem, service hotline 0086-576-8766 7680.

Second, the sale service

1, purchase the main users of the spot is to the company to fill in the user service GenZongKa.

2, development of new users, arrival of the goods within a week by Marketing Department telephone contact customer, ask the goods to the acceptance of the case, including whether the product quality can meet the needs of the customers, the mode of transportation, packing and other requirements of the clients.

3, every new development of new products, requires people to their arrival, introduce products to the user, and help the users to install, to introduce the use method and technical requirements.

4, key users to send quarterly service visit one or two times, for advice, deal with the problem raised by the user.

Third, after-sales service

1, the user use my company’s products quality problems, receiving customer complaints request to reply within 24 hours, service personnel to the scene within 48 hours to solve the problem.

2, if the product appear quality problem, the company will be responsible for baotui, proven, package is responsible for repair, until customer satisfaction.

3, the cost of processing quality problem happen, all borne by the company.

4, our company will provide the perfect online service system, if there is any of product including quality, use, and other related issues, you can also through the online message feedback or directly in the form of E-mail; We will be in the shortest possible time to the fastest speed give you satisfied reply.

Fourth, service condition appraisal

1. The warranty period appear quality problem, such as, caused by the product itself indeed my company will provide free services.

2. The warranty period appear quality problem, such as that caused by the customer my company will provide paid services.

3. After the warranty period appear quality problem, my company is willing to continue to provide preferential service.