DZ47-63 4P

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According to the number of classification are: unipolar, diode, triode, quadrupole.

According to the rated current classification are as follows: 1 a, 3 a, 6 a, 10 a, 16 a, a, 20 a, 32 a, 40, 50, a a, 63 a

According to the rated working voltage classification: 220/380 v (unipolar is 220 v, two extremely 220/380 v, 3, 4 is 380 v)

According to the instantaneous trip points are: C, D, C is suitable for the power distribution protection, D type is suitable for motor protection

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Product Description

DZ47-63 series miniature circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker), has the advanced structure, reliable performance, breaking capability is strong, beautiful small and other characteristics, is mainly used for ac 50 hz or 60 hz, rated voltage up to 400 v, rated current is 63 a place for the following. Is mainly used for offices, letter home and a similar buildings, lighting, power distribution lines and equipment overload and short circuit protection, in line with frequent on-off operation transformation. The products are in conformity with IEC60898, EN60898 standard requirements, etc.

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Comes in Earth Tone Grey


CoolMax Cotton/Polyester Blend


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