MSC8-63 2P (Copy) (Copy)

According to the number of classification are: unipolar, diode, triode, quadrupole.

According to the rated current classification are as follows: 1 a, 3 a, 6 a, 10 a, 16 a, a, 20 a, 32 a, 40, 50, a a, 63 a

According to the rated working voltage classification: 220/380 v (unipolar is 220 v, two extremely 220/380 v, 3, 4 is 380 v)

According to the instantaneous trip points are: C, D, C is suitable for the power distribution protection, D type is suitable for motor protection

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Product Description

MSC.8 Series MCB is an all new high performance

current limiting device with the ability to disconnect short circuits up to 6/10kA.

Thermal, for normal overload. Magnetic, for short circuit protection.

The MS.8 Series gives you and their equipment the highest level of protection currently available. Its numerous international certi-fications and protection innovations mean that the MS.8 series exceeds even the most demanding requirements, ensuring 100% absolute safety in your terminal distribution system.The MS.8 series of modular power distribution systems provide you with a new,safe, flexible and simple experience.

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