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POPP LED panel light introduction

POPP LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting, light source for the LED, the entire lamp design beautiful and concise, luxurious atmosphere, both good lighting effects, but also bring fantastic feel. design of LED panel lights is unique, the light through the high transmittance of the light guide plate to form a uniform plane luminous effect, illumination uniformity, light, soft, comfortable and yet bright, and can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

POPP LED panel light also radiation protection, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children’s skin.

The emergence of LED has broken the traditional light source design methods and ideas to design lighting lamps to the needs of the environment, the place as a starting point, designed to create a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to contrast scene effects, let people feel the atmosphere of the scene .

From the perspective of green lighting design, LED panel lamp materials are superior in environmental protection, low power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness and other aspects of the grid lights, truly daytime lights, night lighting. It is gradually replaced by T8 fluorescent light source grille lamp. And POPP LED panel lamp life is 10 times the fluorescent lamp.

POPP LED panel lights are widely used, the trend has been to replace the grid lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in:

  •  ceiling (instead of the original grid lights);
  •  the wall (not only for lighting purposes, but also with artistic expression);
  •  others