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POPP LED light Benefits

LED is a kind of semiconductor that can convert electric energy into visible light. It changes the principle that incandescent tungsten light and energy-saving lamp emit light. The electric field is used to emit light.

According to the analysis, the characteristics of POPP LED light is very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

Compared with the traditional light bulb, POPP LED’s superiority lies in:

  • Lit without delay, the response time is faster, the traditional glass bulb has a 0.3 second delay to prevent rear-end
  • More seismic performance

High luminous purity, no shade filter, light wavelength error within 10 nanometers

  • Glowing heat is very small, the heat resistance of lighting materials is not very demanding
  • Beam focus, easier to control, and does not require reflector concentrator, help reduce the depth of the lamp

Low power consumption, reaching the same luminous brightness of traditional bulbs, power consumption is only 6% of traditional bulbs, saving energy

Long life, no filament structure does not heat, the normal use of more than 6 years

Vehicle control circuit is not easy to oxidation