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Overview of the advantages of LED lights

LED semiconductor light-emitting diode, is a new generation of solid-state light source, its unique low-power, long life, easy to maintain and other characteristics of the energy shortage today, by the market and the community in hot pursuit. Although the high price of LED light source, but its long-term cost advantage is very prominent. Because of its power-saving effect, the associated costs of laying cables and changing fixtures are very low, making it more cost effective. Especially the urban public lighting system, urban landscape engineering, large-scale electronic display, indoor crystal lamp, indoor office and commercial lighting and other aspects, the cost advantage of LED is more obvious. Fluorescent lamp as an example: a 13WLED fluorescent lamp 40W equivalent to the brightness of the old fluorescent lamp, as the old fluorescent lamp starter, ballast power consumption, and the need to replace the lamp every year. The use of LED fluorescent lamps, one or two years to save electricity is enough to replace the LED fluorescent lamp, and the service life of more than a decade, after the cost savings.

The advantages of led lights The first point is the low-voltage power supply, the use of low-voltage power supply, in terms of physics, is more secure than high-voltage power supply, the use of the process, the single bulb voltage is between 2V to 4V, Low, so it can be more safe for everyone to use, do not worry about the power of the lamp will bring harm, so safe, enough for your peace of mind to use led lights, what are you waiting for, and immediately buy a try, and maybe really can Make you feel good value for money.

Advantages of led light The second point is energy efficient, presumably this is what we know, because of its own led light source has the effect of energy saving, led light emitting energy than ordinary incandescent power saving, but also help you save A lot of electricity it. In addition to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, the advantages of led lights, the other is the color, led lighting more pure color, soft and warm, no blemishes any shade, and the color is also very diverse, in line with a variety of decorative style The demand. Advantages of led lights – Earthquake resistance

led lamps are hard materials than the price, the light source is solid form, so when the earthquake, led lights will not be stroboscopic phenomenon, it is because of this particularity, in order to make led lights stand out in other lamps , Occupy most of the lamp market, won the consumer’s vision. This is the third advantage of led lights, whether you agree or disagree, led lights is a seismic performance is also a fact.

In addition, the life of the led lamp is relatively long, if in the process of using them, there is no problem, the general use of a decade or so are no problem. Advantages of led light – led light emitting green light is not dazzling, the light is also free of radiation, does not contain UV, infrared light, and ordinary incandescent lamps have UV and infrared, permanent will make people The eyes are tired, bringing unhealthy factors to the body. This is the advantage of the advantages led lights.

In addition, because most of the lamps are led light source, even the outdoor lighting are so, it seems, led lamp market development potential is relatively large, the market trend is very good, the future, led light source will be fully covered by all Light is also uncertain.