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Miniature circuit breaker maintenance tips

Minature circuit breaker11Dear Customer: Hello! Welcome to use such as high company’s products! We will be the best product quality, the most timely and thoughtful service to win your satisfaction. Before installation and commissioning, please read the product manual carefully.

Miniature circuit breakers, suitable for AC 50 / 60Hz rated voltage 230 / 400V, rated current to 63A line overload and short circuit protection purposes, but also can be used as a line in infrequent operation conversion.They are mainly used in various places such as industrial, commercial, high-rise and residential buildings.

The Miniature circuit breakers should meet the GB10963.1, IEC60898 standards.

Miniature circuit breakers consist of the following major components:

  1. Breakable contact coupling. It consists of fixed contacts and movable contacts.
  2. A device consisting of a metal cylinder or an insulating cylinder in which separable contact-coupling and arc-extinguishing devices and actuators are mounted.
  3. Driven contact the actuator.
  4. Arc extinguishing equipment.

Miniature circuit breaker breaking circuit is a mechanical method to separate the small circuit breaker moving contacts and fixed contacts. The closing time is the opposite of the mechanical movement so that moving contacts and fixed contacts closed. During the operation of switching the load circuit on and off, arcing will occur between the fixed contact and the movable contact. The arc generated during the breaking process is much more severe than the closing process. When the breaking current is large, especially in the open short circuit, the arc is large, the circuit is usually very difficult to disconnect.

Please Note: MSC1-63 Miniature circuit breaker body gas pressure in the column before operation must be guaranteed at 0.3MPa and above. In order to ensure the reliability of circuit breaker products, we remind you to pay attention to the following maintenance requirements:

  1. Miniature circuit breakerin operation, the gas pressure should be regularly observed and recorded to check whether the porcelain sets damaged and contaminated, observe the circuit breaker divider instructions are correct, the external joints are loose, the Miniature circuit breakerwith or without abnormal sound. If abnormal, please contact the company promptly.
  2. It is recommended that you maintain the Miniature circuit breakerat least once a year:
  3. Please disconnect the circuit breaker before maintenance, disconnect the secondary power supply and release the energy of the closing and closing springs to ensure safety.
  4. Inspect the fasteners of the mechanism for looseness, for example, bolts M8 on the lower part of the closing springs of the CT10A and CT14 institutions and the tight nuts, the connecting part of the energy storage crank shaft of the MSC1-63 Miniature circuit breakerand the connecting rod of the closing spring, , Motor fixing bolts, sub-closing solenoid fixing screws and so on.
  5. Check the sector and half-shaft buckle section should be 2-2.5mm, if any, please adjust. Check the closing solenoid if the action is flexible, there is no stuck phenomenon.
  6. Check the auxiliary switch to switch is normal, including the auxiliary switch part of the drive, the second wiring is solid, whether the phenomenon of virtual connection, closing circuit is normal, whether the displacement of the travel switch Leaving 2 ~ 3mm stroke margin).
  7. Check the transmission part of the lubrication, the main parts include the closing cam surface, the connecting rod transmission section, the fan plate face, semi-shaft work surface, roller face, bearings, etc., and confirm whether there is damage.
  8. Measuring Miniature circuit breakerclosing time, the same three-phase, the main circuit resistance, SF6 gas moisture (after running products ≤ 300ppm), sealing performance (through qualitative leak detection).
  9. When the product has been overhauled or adjusted sub-closing spring or other mechanical properties of the product changes need to be closed-door speed test.
  10. Check density relay SF6 gas alarm and lockout pressure value.