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LED tube light with the traditional comparison

A, a reasonable optical design and special lampshade material effectively improve the product’s illumination and brightness

B, power embedded design, the product without ballast

C, a unique structural design to improve the cooling effect, improve product life

D, high-quality LED light source, greatly guarantee the product quality

E, easy to install, remove the original fluorescent lamp starter and ballast can be installed

F, according to customer requirements custom 110V voltage products

G, can provide rich colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow, etc.) products, energy-saving than fluorescent tubes more than 60%.

Application: Can be used as factories, offices, rooms, conference rooms, hotels, supermarkets and other public places such as lighting

Product advantages:

1. Energy-saving: POPP LED TUBE and conventional fluorescent brightness is basically the same, more than 70% energy saving, energy-saving effect is obvious;
3. Long life: POPP LED tube normal life of 5-8 million hours; during maintenance-free, save manpower;
4. No noise: no need for ballasts, starters due to POPP LED tube, so LED tube without noise;
5. No flicker: LED constant current work, effectively reduce LED light failure, start fast, no flicker, protect the eyes;
6. To reduce mosquitoes: POPP LED does not produce ultraviolet light, the environment becomes more clean and comfortable;
7. Good generality: POPP LED tube shape, size and the same traditional fluorescent lamps, alternative to traditional lamps;