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LED panel light

First, LED panel light brief

LED panel light is a high-end LED lighting as indoor lighting. The design of the entire lighting beautiful and concise, luxurious atmosphere, both good lighting effects, but also bring the United States feel. LED panel lights unique design, the light through the high transmittance of the light guide plate to form a uniform plane luminous effect, illumination uniformity, light, soft, comfortable and yet bright, can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel light but also radiation, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children’s skin.

Second, LED panel light composition

1, the main components of LED panel lights: lamp beads, drive, cooling shell, diffuser, light guide, reflective paper, EVA, back cover. 1.1 square LED panel lights generally use 4014 lamp beads; circular LED panel lights generally use SMD2835 lamp beads. LED panel lamp lamp beads on the relatively high demand, if the choice of inferior lamp beads, lamp beads will be the color of the deviation, after the finished product made some beads even dark out.


1.2 LED panel light driver is divided into isolated and non-isolated drive. Isolation Power Supply: Isolation transformers in the middle of the input and output of the power supply to avoid electric shock, so the cost is also expensive. Non-isolated power supply: the load terminal and the input terminal have a direct connection, so touch the load there is a danger of electric shock. General non-isolated power supply insulation by the circuit board film insulation, although this layer of thin film insulation can withstand 2000V high voltage, but sometimes the burr of the screw hole will cause creepage phenomenon and cause electric shock. Therefore, non-isolated power supply security risks exist

1.3 LED panel light heat dissipation shell is aluminum alloy

1.4 LED panel light Diffuser main material points PC, PP, PS and acrylic. PC is the most expensive, its texture is soft; PP cheapest, most affordable, but not flame retardant, not environmentally friendly (light transmittance of about 80%); acrylic easy to dirty, can not touch by hand (light transmittance of 85% 90%).

1.5 LED panel light guide plate material is divided into acrylic silk screen, acrylic laser, composite materials, glass, PS. Among them, the light guide of acrylic is 80%; the light guide of PS is 72%; the light guide of glass is 75%; the light guide of the composite is 72-75%. The use of high-quality light guide plate can make finished LED panel light more uniform. Does not appear dark spots, water ripples and so on.

1.6 LED panel light reflective paper There are two main types of glossy paper and foam paper (with grain). Among them, the price of foam paper is slightly expensive, the refractive index of foam paper should also be higher than ordinary smooth paper. Foamed paper thickness of the square LED panel lamp is 330 μm; foamed paper thickness of the circular LED panel lamp is 188 μm.

1.7 LED panel lights generally use EVA and sponge play a fixed role. One of the EVA expensive, flame retardant, generally used for circular flat lamp; sponge non-flame retardant, generally used for square flat lamp.

1.8.LED panel light generally use color steel back cover.


Third, the installation method LED panel light installation is the use of spring embedded way.

Fourth, LED panel light parameters

Full voltage 100-240V input, the output power of 6W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, the measured luminous efficacy of 70lm / w, RA> 70, PF> 0.5, color temperature is 3000-6500K, life expectancy of 30,000 hours.