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LED light readme

A total of four members of our family, namely the mother Incandescent lamp, dad fluorescent lamp, sister high intensity gas discharge lamp, I – POPP LED lights, People call me LED .  A generation is better than a generation . I am better than dad, mom and sister . Now you can see my tracks everywhere: toll booths, on the roads, billboards … these are all made up of countless me. Why can I be so welcome? That is because I have many characteristics.

Efficient energy saving, long life light is healthy, can protect eyesight, high safety factor, light efficiency, environmental protection … … Energy efficient: I can consume only a few degrees in a thousand hours,, my mother seventeen hours on the consumption For a time, my father  also had electricity once in a hundred hours, so I was very energy saving

My life is very long, I can use 50,000 hours in a row, my mother only 1,000 hours, my father only 8,000 hours, we can imagine, my life is so strong ah.

I shine healthy, can protect eyesight. The pupils ‘eyes are very important, and I do not have any harm to the pupils’ eyes. I am not like the other lamps, which contain violet and infrared rays. Because of my DC drive, will not be stroboscopic,  I can  protect

children‘s  eyesight.

I know that human beings are very concerned about greening and environmental protection. I have this advantage. I do not contain mercury and many harmful ingredients, which are good for recycling and do not cause any battery interference. Not only that, but also light-efficient, high safety factor, high fever, 90% into light.


After listening to my introduction, you must know me well. Everyone has their own wishes. My wish is that in the near future, I will completely replace my parents, my mum and my sister, and Bring Benefit to mankind.