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How to choose LED outdoor light

1, first of all you should consider the issue of light color.

According to the theme of their own living room color, is warm or cold, choose the light of the cold.

2, but also consider the effect of lighting.

That is, according to the living room of the entire space size and power of lamps to determine how much light your living room in the end need to make the hall bright. Dark corners of the hall can be considered using floor lamps or wall lamps play a decorative effect.

3, consider the lighting, lighting style, lighting style and their own living room with the problem.

If your home lighting and home decoration style and so on are not detached, then you will feel the lights all day become out of tune, which will also affect your mood and so on.

4, the shape and grade of lighting problems.

First, the shape of the lamp must be with the living room size, style, coordination, followed by is to strive for elegance, the force quit luxury. Hall in the housing is equivalent to the human face, if the choice of lamps is too flat, it will make people feel shabby, if the election was too luxurious, it will certainly cause visitors invisible pressure, let go.

5, the light intensity should be moderate.

Lighting theme lighting neither too dark nor too glaring, and strive to achieve the appropriate light and shade, people feel relaxed, not stress.

6, the level of the hall with a good light.

If your lobby is taller, you can choose the large chandelier from which the light shines upward, and you should also leave some room for the light and the upper part so as to narrow the space between light and darkness. If your living room is low, you can choose Ceiling-style lamps plus floor lamps, so the lobby will look more lively and generous, very modern art.

Modern lighting is not only a tool for lighting, he is also a room dressup, the choice of lighting not only reflects the owner’s eyes, but also shows the owner’s cultural and artistic accomplishments, is a rare practical and beautiful artwork.